Tuesday, July 12, 2011


is the hashtag in twitter that has pushed me to write this entry. I've too much to express, my feelings, my emotion, so deeply touched I guess no words can fully describe how I feel.

When Bersih 2.0 just launched, I don't get the true message, I don't know what is it for. Until when 709 is drawing nearer and nearer, and I read more news on Bersih 2.0, that is when I started to realize the real purpose. It's for a clean and fair election, it's for a good cause, it's something that no sound mind would say NO. But, why is the government saying that it's illegal ? We just want to have a PEACEFUL rally to bring the message, we're not gonna harm anyone. Why are we not allowed to do so ? Where's our freedom of speech? WHY ISA? So, is the government guilty ? therefore the ban ?

A week before 709, I was having lunch at a coffee shop in setapak, it was a Sunday afternoon. There was this auntie who came to my table and handed me a leaflet.

leaflet she handed to me 

She told me to "wear yellow", only 2 words, but looking at her I was already touched, in my heart I was longing to talk to her, to know more. But I did not say anything and she had already walked to other tables, distributing the leaflet. Deep down, I was afraid that the police might arrest her because she's wearing yellow and another side of me admired her for being so brave.

credits to that person who took this wonderful picture 

My sense proved me right when I first saw this picture in facebook after 709. My heart cringed. my eyes teared looking at this picture. She ought to have a page for herself. She ought to earn respect of ALL Malaysians. Though old, she's braver than most of us who're younger, who have more strength. And they're many more who should earn our respect. I'm ashamed.

So for the whole week, I was in dilemma, thinking whether to join the rally. Till the day before, I called my parents and told them about the rally, all they said is "you eat full too free ah? crazy ah?". Not because they don't support Bersih 2.0. All because they're not sure what's really happening. They only have newspaper and TV, which are under the influence of government. I bet not only them, many who are not active on social media still do not know what's happening.

AND All I did was to change into yellow and took this picture to use it as my profile picture to show my support so much of a bimbo

On 709, I'd been on the internet all the while, following live updates and the fire in my heart's burning HOT. The more I saw the more I felt like joining, but it was too late. They already dispersed. I hated myself for not being brave enough. I called my parents and told them how I regret not joining the rally. I was really SO sad. By reading the updates, I can already feel how united people are, touched by how all races helped each other. 1Malaysia? I tell you, 1Malaysia is another bullshit from HIM. Before 1Malaysia, we don't even feel so much of a racial problem, you come out with 1Malaysia and ask us to be united. We're ALREADY united in the 1st place, YOU and YOUR allies created racial issues. Isn't it clear? People in the rally didn't shout 1Malaysia but? Hidup Rakyat! because we don't need to, we, The Rakyats are one!

After #bersihstories, I know newspaper that's suppose to report news are all bullshit. Imagine those who only read newspaper and watch tv, they will be duped into believing that government is all good and the rally is for a bad cause. I explained to my parents and told them some #bersihstories, and I know they would have supported me.

#bersihstories, most powerful hashtag ever, because, before this, I've always thought of migrating away, but NOW, I see HOPE, we need to stay for a CHANGE. READ #bersihstories.


Where is the love? still sad-ing over the footage T___________T

Saturday, July 9, 2011

talk bout

not gonna cut my hair. today I just chopped 3-4 inches of my hair T___________T

it's getting too long and hard to manage. and since i'm going to UK and I guess I won't be getting a hair cut anytime soon.. so i decided to cut it


 after T_T
might not be a big difference for you but it is for me T___T

bye! =P

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long Hair Long Nails

Oh My!!!!!!!!!! It's been a month?!?!?! that was fast. life's been really busy, so busy i couldn't not abandon my blog for a while =( anyway, i'm back! still busy but maybe slightly less. =D

 please say hi! lol

My hair been getting really really long it's getting really really hard to manage. I used to wash and blow my hair every. single. day. NOT. anymore. because, washing needs at least 15 minutes, blowing another at least 20 minutes for only 85% dry.

 reaching my waist!!!! >.<

 it's getting too troublesome to wash and blow everyday. SO i am not washing it everyday anymore!!! and not blowing it EITHER!!!! i'll let it drip on a towel, and air dry. AND i takes AN HOUR and only gets like 90% dry. -_____-

 and my super long nails!!!! KENOT TAHAN already!!! it hurts like a bitch whenever i hit it against something.
 super long ok.
kenot tahan so just CUT IT!
wish i have the courage to do it to my hair too. but NO!! been keeping it for 2.5 years already >.<