Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's your favourite dessert?

Well, here's mine.

When my parents came over for my convocation, we had lunch at Solaris Mont Kiara one of the days. Since it's really near Hartamas, I decided that I really should introduce mum my fav froyo. She has not sweet tooth but teeth. lol 

Moo Cow again! =)
(heard they're gonna open another one in the Gardens soon, love!)

rose lime and original mango mix! ♥ Mum loves it too.

Bedsides Moo Cow froyo, I love Snowflake's healthy hand made dessert too! 

founder: Jimmy, A tawainese who moved to Malaysia
Snowflake can be found @SS15, Pavilion, Kuchai Lama

Snowflake's best seller (hot) 
comes with taro balls (orange's sweet potato and grey's yam), peanuts and pearls in grass jelly soup

snowflake's best seller (cold)
comes with grass jelly ice topped with taro balls, creamer (optional) and grass jelly.

Moo Cow reward card & Snoflake Desser Lover Club 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Me, Myself and I

Was driving home alone after my convocation,

 and it reminds me of how far I’ve walked in life. (not really far actually lol)

And I never  really introduce myself in my blog, so I was thinking maybe I should do a very brief introduction. =)

can't wait to give me a hug. lol. that's my beloved parents. ♥ 

dad ♥ I lubiu 

I’ve just finish my undergraduate studies in UTAR, got myself a degree in Bachelor of Science (Hons) Actuarial Science (trust me, it involves lotsa maths BUT not only bout maths!) and planning to go overseas for my masters.  So, right now, just call me unemployed! hehe

 Sibu Kampua

I’m a Sarawakian, Sibu people to be specific. No, I’m not a pure Foochow. Dad’s hokkien and Mum’s Foochow.

 Sibu Kompia

 View of Sibu town from the tallest building in Sibu (27floors)
 my secondary school, SMK Methodist.  I can find only one little pathetic pic from the web. >.<

and my primary school! (from google search too)

It seems like it's been really far after erm.. some 19 years of education but I felt as if life has just begun, where responsibilities become heavier and life becomes more complicated. AND list goes on.. 

I love FOOD. And pink stuff.  If you can’t tell from my blog \-.-/ . and Hello Kitty, yes! Hello Kitty! Just because… it’s always associated with pink? And has a ribbon? And mahjong =P

I want a pink hello kitty mahjong!!!! >.<
that's little bout me! kthxbye.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Muzzie's belated birthday!

HeLLo!!! birthday boy said "one or two post per month doesn't really qualify as blogging." so i die die also wana blog tonight! hehe

It was one member of the froyo's gang brithday, as usual, we will belanja him makan lah. After many many suggestions, we ended up @Murni Discovery because we all had never been there except the birthday boy himself, and he was the driver that day. hehe. 

our very colourful drinks! 

 Ham Fried Rice 

Mee Raja Chicken Chop Special 

Carbonara (RM10)

ada similarity tak? LOL

Chicken Napoleon (RM12). mine. the menu said its a must try, so being the curious cat who didn't get killed, i  ordered and it was rupa-rupanya chicken cordon blue. cheh. but its nice though. heh

the CHEESE is OOZING out! *drools*

Overall, it was just okay, I had expected the place to be cooler, like erm... McD? and table arrangement is a bit crowded.

NO cake for birthday boy cause its a belated one, (actually its an excuse lol). BUT we have dessert for HIM!  so.... lets..... get.... ready..... for............

MOO COW froyo! lol

Froyo Gang ma, so dessert must be our fav froyo! =)
and *he* drove us ALL the way there (Hartamas Shopping Centre). 
3 of us went to the toilet except the birthday boy and when we came out he's gone! so we headed straight to Moo Cow. nope, he's not there!

 posed and took pictures and lepak for a while, he's still not coming! 
and the 2 guys decided to try the massage chairs there! lol
RM1 for 3 minutes. and i JOINED.

finally the VVIP is here (LOOK at the style yo!) , and he'd got to wait for us to finish

hey yo! wassup! hahaha

settled for our FroYos! the last time we came we ordered 4. and we ended so bloated. so we only ordered 3 this time ♥ to share

clockwise from left: Original with oreo crumbs, Rose lime with dried cranberry bits, and mango with almond grounds. lovely!

yumssss... see the satisfaction on their faces? hhehe. that marks the end. 


Friday, March 25, 2011

La Yosh Japanese Western Restaurant

So finally! I am back on my blog! >.<>

Please say hi to my mirror image ;)

Came across this quaint little restaurant @Plaza Damas before our (the froyo gang) first trip to Moo Cow, it was a random pick since we're already there.

La Yosh Japanese Western as it suggests. I really like the "English" design of the restaurant, very cosy.

the menu, in Japanese and English. They have other menus which is for lunch sets and "student" sets if i'm not mistaken ( it was long ago! actually only 2 weeks lol). Student set comes with the drink and...

the Lunch set i ordered comes with salad, coffee/tea, soup and the main course.

;) matching table cloth and skirt lol

dim lightings and table lamp on each table

see the shelf!! so English kan! hehe

empty table in front of our table.

cream soup

side dish - smoked salmon (RM10.90 or RM12.90) I forGOT! >,<

teriyaki chicken (~RM15)

chicken chop pasta (~ rm15 per set )

japanese curry with rice(~ rm18 per set)

er........... I donno what it is called. Western style punya Nasi pataya i call it. lol (~rm20 per set)

very good ok!! so hungry already!! =/

and the coffee that came with the set.

The prices are based on my very poooor memory. So.. don't take in seriously. hihi. Overall it was not bad. but not superb though.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

311 PrayForJapan

I donno why, i actually felt quite disturbed after watching the live footage of the earthquake that hit Japan yesterday. I was still feeling quite ok after hearing and reading bout the news but then as I watched how the tide engulfed everything along its way i couldn't stop imagining how if it were to be my home that was swept away.

Like everything in your house. maybe old photos. maybe something memorable.

or worse, losing the whole house and perhaps losing someone dear.

And I could only imagine.

For once, I actually felt glad that I'm staying here in this country.

I can't do much, but at least I'll pray for the souls who left. may they Rip.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Beginning, Moo Cow

Hi! 1st blog post and it's going to be about Moo Cow (because the inspiration starts here! heh). And this blog is most probably going to be all about food, food and more food! oh, and perhaps some random interesting events. Doubt that I will have the "determination" to always blog, but let's just see. hehe

Introducing Moo Cow @ Hartamas Shopping Centre. Well, its a trend for us to go for frozen yogurt after a meal, lazy to tell why.

cute theme!!

the toppings available to choose from

er.. read yourself

What's with the halo?

apparently, not for sale O.o

t-shirt selling for RM10 + a cup of froyo. or 10 stamps

menu! cheaper than Froyo Deli and definitely much cheaper Tutti Fruitti

our froyos! 3 ori and 1 mango

cranberry and er.. xxx jam toppings

raisins and mango (mango flavor froyo)

mango topping

and mine! almond bits <3

love the prints too <3

hollow. but its not that bad. other places had bigger holes.

one member of the froyo gang, say hi to MUZZIE!

I actually think this pose is "cute" LOL

So i imitated but PHAILED -.-

Mickey loves it too!

Just started

after several minutes. someone's gonna finish soon!

everyone had finished. except me.

four stamps for me!
I claimed theirs =X

bye! will definitely come again. comparatively cheaper (bigger portion) and nice too!