Friday, May 27, 2011

for beauty's sake

Okay, so this random thought has been haunting me for few days already. Or maybe every now and then. So, have you ever thought of things a girl would do for beauty's sake? or the extent of pain/ inconvenience/ whatsoever that's relevant?

Firstly, the pain to endure when undergoing plastic surgery or during recovery. I've always imagine how much pain would a person have to go through and the thought of it already chickened me out. I really admire or maybe envy those girls who have the guts, not that I want a surgery yet, but I really cannot imagine having to alter any parts of my body PERMANENTLY. Another reason was because I always think that whatever I have, it's God gift so I should treasure them.

Not ONLY that, sometimes, girls who went for surgery are already quite pretty. Maybe beauty is an addiction too. They feel they're not pretty enough? want to be perfect? seriously, I don't know. Someone please tell me!! Say, what if you don't like the outcome? what if it fails? and your face become so fragile you have to be careful AT ALL TIMES. How do you deal with it? Is beauty really that important for you to sacrifice so much? THAT IMPORTANT??!?!?

Another thing I suppose, would be make up. The longest time I had fake lashes on was for almost a day, like late morning till night, and towards the night, ALL I wanted to do was to rush home and clean everything off my face. My skin need to breathe. It's suffocating!! Maybe it was just me who doesn't have the determination. Some girls can have fake lashes on every. single. day. I am again another jealous bitch who cannot understand how someone can be putting on fake lashes so diligently every. single. day.

Or maybe make up really do wonders, and you become addicted to your make up-ed look you cannot go out without it? At this point, I am starting to think that I am really some lazy sour girl who is not as hardworking, and writing this now because I am just jealous of petty and disciplined hardworking girls. LOL

AND I ALSO CANNOT TAHAN HOW SOME GIRLS CAN BE SO SLIM!!! OMG! because I cannot say NO to nice foods. guess that's the only reason why. =( I've heard of someone who hasn't eat rice for years just because she wants to keep "fit". NO rice? Chinese not eating rice? like Westerners not having potatoes? How? And I conclude that I am really not a determine person. That's all. bye.

And if you've read from the beginning until now, thanks for listening to a random rambling? of a confused, sour, not hardworking, not so determined girl. tenkiuwaylimuch.

P/S: wah. I didn't know I can talk so much cock. Just yesterday I was finding it super hard to write a 1000 words essay. O_O

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Of durians and mahjong

Life's been busy, probably won't be updating as often these few weeks.
But here're some random stuff  happening in my life which includes,
DURIANS and MAHJONG! both also my ultimate love!

One of the gathering with church friends 

We all went to Downtown for a drink

till  late in the night because we have so much to share >.<

 black forest cake baked by a church friend

 and Durians!!! Musang King and Durian Super

tastes SUPERBLY GOOD. kid you not. bet you've never heard bout it before. 
it my 1st time trying too and I'm lovin' it!


 trying our luck on the last "insert whatever you call"

 and found a small one =(

 I shall eat less durian from now on
because "someone" said my face's getting rounder. 
I know... seriously.. =(

 then it's mahjong time!

 life's too good when you can play mahjong after durians

 "good luck"
while the guys were playing i have nothing better to do but to take "artsy fartsy" pics LOLLL


Thursday, May 19, 2011

La Yosh Revisit and Moo Cow!

So the froyo gang was craving for froyo one day and decided that we should have lunch  together before we go for our fav froyo!

and then... we went to La Yosh again. 
(have been wanting to try out their squid ink pasta since the 1st visit
so when JJ suggested that we go La Yosh I straight away say ok! haha

 love their designs, it wasn't the first time but I still love ( hence, more pictures ) how they design this cozy little place 

 spotted this pair of colorful cute! shoes and sneakily snapped a pic! LOL

 key given to us

 upon checking-in ? 

 notice how this little lamb lamp makes the whole ambiance so nice and cozy ?

 and the decorations too!

 well, I ordered the set meal again. comes with salad soup and coffee/tea.

JJ ordered student set which comes with coffee/tea

and his donburi (RM10)

 my squid ink pasta!!!! =D (RM26.50 per set) 
it wasn't superb (a bit like fried mee) but now when I'm typing this, I feel like eating it again. so I think it's actually quite good. lol

 finished!!  *makes me so hungry already =( *

and there! my inked lips! before I wiped and after

Muzzie's "western punya nasi pataya". (RM26.50 per set)
 Just like what I ordered the 1st time but mine was cream

HAHAHA! all because I couldn't remember the price the 1st time!!!!

After lunch we proceeded to Moo Cow!!!! 

 ohai! we're here again

april's menu

as usual, me and JJ opted for the original flavour and muzzie tried the gula melaka one

 one more stamp till I got the T'shirt! 
*Can I have discount everytime I visit MooCow wearing the Tshirt?* >.<

yay!!!!! happy froyo gang @ Moo Cow. i <3 this pic.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mummie's Birthday Lunch

Every time I update my blog, I *gasped* at how time flies. Days just passed by and I realized it's been quite a few days since I last blogged but it feels like I haven't been doing much. 

Anyway, dad's friend gave us these crabs one of the days and we decided to bring it to the restaurant and asked them to cook for us for mummie's birthday lunch. 

 but there's this particular naughty crab, knowing that he's in danger decided to ESCAPE!!! I was on my laptop stalking people on facebook, checking some emails when I spotted this naughty crab crawling out from the kitchen and I SCREAMEEEEEEEEDDDDD. lol

brother who was sitting in front of me came to the rescue!  

 O yea! *hiak hiak hiak* it's claws were tied up so it was really easy to catch.

On our way to book the table for lunch, I found this hat in the car and decided to camwhore with it. 
grandma's in the background! =D

 then I asked her to take a picture with me. <3 her smile. =)
she was curious and asked why am I taking photos with my phone. lololol

Birthday Lunch time! So here're some dishes we had.

 some sweet sour fish, also given by daddie's friend

 and those crabs!! including the naughty one. hehe

 love! do you call this petola (in BM) ?

 pork rib. 

 cangkuk manis!!!! love maximus!
 and some other dishes which I didn't take any picture cause I was too busy eating!

 finally, strawberry cheese cake for us! one candle because mummie REFUSED to let people know her age 

mumie and daddie after cutting the cake

 maternal grandpa and grandma
what were they looking at??

 sis and soon-to-be bro-in-law helping with the cake

 me! full happy and contented after the meal =DDD

shall end this with a picture of me with mummie and daddie
I lubiu!! <3 <3 <3 

Monday, May 9, 2011

ABC soup

is one of my favourite soup cause it's super easy to make!! =D
here's how:

You need Onions, Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, Tomatoes and Chicken 

  If you cant't find all of them, Onions, Tomatoes, Potatoes and Chicken will be sufficient

cut all the ingredients into chunky bits (not too small) so that it won't dissolve into the soup after boiling 

 poor fingers lololll *drama queen* 

 after getting all the ingredients done, dump everything into boiling water
Tips: if you want the chicken to be tender, run it under hot boiling water for few seconds before you dump it into the water

boil for 1-2 hours ( the longer the tastier) add salt, a bit of sugar (optional) and chicken stock.

AND TADAAA!!! mostest easiest simplest soup to cook! =D yumsss