Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eco Friendly supermarket

It was a weekend and I was with my family buying some groceries in Sibu at Medan Mall's supermarket. 

finally done and waiting for mum to pay

guess what? 

they actually replaced plastic bags with boxes!!!

boxes that were used to put goods from suppliers or manufacturers 

can also find unfolded boxes to save space

every counter also can see stacks of boxes. O.O
I haven't seen any supermarket using boxes to replace plastic bags yet, this was my first.
I think it's really good because anyway they're gonna recycle or sell or throw the boxes
anything lah, i donno what they're gonna do with it
but now, they can actually reduce the use of plastic bags!!! 
something worth practicing =)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life's Good

Life's been too good I almost forgot I've a blog here 
time passes way too fast when you're having good times

clad in my made-in-china silk pajamas with fake hello kittys all over all day long
laying on my sofa bed watching fav shows
savoring good foods with family
ahhh.. life can never be better than this >.<
good nite

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon: Terminal 5 Sibu

It was day after election, Sunday.
 was really hot so after attending church service at Sacred Heart Cathedral, we decided that it'll be best to go to a cool place to have brunch and just relax.. 

Reached Terminal 5 with mum, dad and bro

After mum ordered her drink, she took out her newspaper and started reading bout news on election results

brief summary on Sarawak's 10th state election. 

dad's sambal seafood with rice, sharing with mum

i'm still holding the menu because I cannot decide what to order >.<

finally placed my order and started camwhoring

nice ambiance <3

open air for smokers

from a different angle - sibeh hiao hahahaha

so cozy I felt like sleeping already

brother showing dad some online news 
dad finished his lunch and relaxing already

mum continued reading

and finally, my brunch!!!
super love!!!! 
the refillable teh-C also super nice *slurps*

brother had the same set

butter and peanut butter, prefer kaya butter though

We were there, chit-chatting and chillaxing for more almost 3 hours if I'm not wrong.
too nice too cosy
I love Sunday aka Family Day!

my super serious dark circles. like ghost seriously T_T

closer view to haunt you! bye! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

416 Sarawak Election photos

So the Sarawak Election is finally over! 
Oppositions have got to work harder! but DAP did a really good job!

here are some of my favorite photos from the election
some were so sarcastic, i like! =D
mainly in mandarin though.

took this on election day. rocket's gonna launch! =D

Dap's rocket being dismantled by the municipal council 

Anti Rasuah? PUIK! because you've had enough? i suppose yes.

I am with you!   --> for what?

DAP's mascot, Ubah <3

Direct translation: One heart for Sibu --> One heart for Pek Moh (white hair in hokkien) 

We really have enough of you, Taib, spend more time with your new wife and leave us alone! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sarawak for change!

If you haven't know yet, my purpose of this trip back to Sarawak is to cast my very first vote in the coming election! Tomorrow, that is.
from the title, I am quite sure you can guess who got my vote. hehe

If it's not obvious enough, here.
LO.OK at this 

Yes, WE, Sarawakians have enough of you and your nonsense, Taib.
And not to forget your corrupted cronies  

Here's a video, watch and you'll understand why.

Since it's the last night, my family and I thought we should go listen to "ceramah"
but this is what we saw 

so many cars can!

drizzling but crowd was crazy! O.o

then saw very semangat cars!

so crowded and jammed. no need me to say lah hor
you see how desperately they park the car you also know lah

this car is damn semangat ok! full of rockets. hihi

All pictures were taken while my brother is driving, moving so cannot take really good pictures
and also, I risk my life taking pictures by sticking out half of my body from the window! 
actually its because I damn kepoh wana see what's happening lol


P/S: oh! and and and hor.. they ( the richer party who used OUR money to buy votes ) also USED our money to invite Taiwanese singers and Malaysian singers to sing during their ceramah. They thought like that can attract more people to "listen" to them. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Herbal eggs

So, this is my 1st time making  herbal eggs. 

all you need is 8-15 eggs per packet of herbs (you can get from any supermarket), hard boiled them.

crack the egg shells

Sugar, dark soya sauce and pre-packed herbs is all you I need! because I can't find light soya sauce. so I used lotsa dark soya sauce and no salt. and since dark soya sauce is already sweet, I used less sugar.

they have 2 bags in a packet. 

boil the herbs 1st and then add Soya sauce, and sugar.. I used round 200ml of dark soya sauce and 180grams of sugar (that's a lot!) if you want your eggs to be saltier, you can actually add 1-2 teaspoons of salt. 

then add the cracked hard-boiled eggs into the pot. Boiled for 2 hours. and...

Easy PEAsy. 

Left it overnight and your eggs will taste sooooo gooood. Evey single part of the eggs will be "herbalized". lol

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grasshopper! ^.^

 Time flies! already 3 days at home @.@

Reached KLIA so much earlier because it was so early. not many cars on the roads yet O.o

airport so empty!

Ordered McD's Milo and camwhored before boarding! =D

Managed to sleep even before the plane took off and waking up to them announcing that plane's gonna land.

Slept basically the whole day on the 1st day, that's what happen when you have sleepless night. -.-Zz

Second day, I woke up to this :

7 workers working in the garden. Digging a big hole for fish pond!
and some landscaping work is going on too.
Brother said they're gonna take 5 days to finish everything. *hopefully*
yay! I can haz karerfool pish!

Had home cooked dinner tonight!! *slurps*

 my eldest brother showed me this after dinner!!!!!!

this is not the 1st time though. he had caught other creepier insects >.<
and sometimes feed them for few days before letting go.

manage to take a picture. 


Thursday, April 7, 2011

My convocation

Almost 3 in the morning now and I am not sleeping yet!! because I don't plan to sleep. 7am flight back to Sarawak, leaving house at 4.30am but I HAVEN'T pack yet!! I don't know! I HATE packing T_T would rather blog. 

So I gather some selected photos from various cameras and here it is:

 Wisma MCA 

got feel?? I got. hehe

Charlotte; favourite photo of us <3
I like how it macam focused on us. maybe because can't see any other face.

Sam; I look weird here @.@

Ung hau, we call each other xiao hua: he calls me 校花, and i call him 笑话。 because he jokes a lot and always brighten my days during boring lessons =)

YY, Avan, Me, Charlotte, Miss Khow
Avan, Me, Charlotte and Adrian ( missing here cause he went OZ for masters liao) used to be called A21-1 because we stay under the same roof in unit A21-1! I miss those days >.<

YY aka Gabriel, former lecturer; taught me 2 subjects and we're friends! because he's young like us!

ALL time MJ kaki's!! It's always us when it comes to MJ time.
MJ: Mahjong! 

then I saw the guest of honour coming from afar going to his car, I buay paiseh-ly went up to him and asked for a picture and we shook hand and people started to join and hence the group picture below

and we posed for maybe a minute while shaking hands. lol

the guys! Gabriel Ryan, Avan, JJ, Gabriel Lim YY
I like this picture!!! they look so happy here! =D

I don't know how to picture come about and I can't remember what did he say to me. 
But someone created the conversation to be
Him: can help me hold ah? I wanna tie my shoe lace. 
LOL. I like!

the every-convo-also-got-one picture
after this all our mortar boards got mixed up
but we're gonna return it anyway so it's ok


ahhh... Finally.... 3 years of uni life. I'm starting to miss it already. >.<

Ok, I need to freaking PACK now!