Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long Hair Long Nails

Oh My!!!!!!!!!! It's been a month?!?!?! that was fast. life's been really busy, so busy i couldn't not abandon my blog for a while =( anyway, i'm back! still busy but maybe slightly less. =D

 please say hi! lol

My hair been getting really really long it's getting really really hard to manage. I used to wash and blow my hair every. single. day. NOT. anymore. because, washing needs at least 15 minutes, blowing another at least 20 minutes for only 85% dry.

 reaching my waist!!!! >.<

 it's getting too troublesome to wash and blow everyday. SO i am not washing it everyday anymore!!! and not blowing it EITHER!!!! i'll let it drip on a towel, and air dry. AND i takes AN HOUR and only gets like 90% dry. -_____-

 and my super long nails!!!! KENOT TAHAN already!!! it hurts like a bitch whenever i hit it against something.
 super long ok.
kenot tahan so just CUT IT!
wish i have the courage to do it to my hair too. but NO!! been keeping it for 2.5 years already >.<

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