Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life in Uk

After reading back my old entries, i decided i should really document my life here in the uk. It brings back lotsa memories while reading old entries. So for those who do not know, I'm doing my MSc in Applied Actuarial Science in University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom.

In front of Canterbury Cathedral, Kent (one of the most famous cathedral i suppose, lots of tourists)

Its been almost 2 months already. Things are going pretty smoothly except that sometimes i really miss people back home. Love ones, friends and also Malaysian food!!! Trying to learn how to cook things i love to eat cause there're only 3 pathetic chinese restaurants in this little place. And they're not really good. And guess what? Only 1, SATU, ONE, YAT, Japanese Restaurant, they call it. AND they don't serve sushi. KILL ME PLEASE.

this was during 1st 2 weeks when the sun is still bright and the weather is still super nice >.<
taken at one of the fields in the university. 

Talk about the weather, it's autumn now. It was quite ok the first week. Warm, around 20over degree Celsius and for the pass week, weather changed so much its getting so cold i get runny nose after walking only 10mins outdoor. AND the sky is super dark like its midnight already when it's just 5pm. Winter is coming really soon.. T__T

In my class, there're at least more than 50% chinese, from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or even Malaysia. Not. A. Single. Blonde. !!! Schedule is quite heavy compared to other courses. Like my flatmates, they only have 13 hours a week? We have 20 hours per week!! >.< And oh, let me introduce my flatmates!

From Left: Chan (malaysia), ShiYu (China), Lekhi (New Delhi), Minal (England), Maryam (Bahrain) and ME! =)

That's it for today, more to come! 
Stay tuned! <3

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