Monday, November 7, 2011

What is an Actuary

So much work to do but i just can't get my ass up to do my work!!! I'd rather do anything, anything except my work. So i'm drifting away from my assessment again and ended up here.
Assessment: 0
Blog Post: +1 

I was youtube-ing a while ago and came across this. Listened to it many many times before but still feel good to listen to it again. =)


The weather is getting really cold, it had been raining everyday. This means i get super hungry super fast, which also means i'll be growing side ways! haih. I really miss the sun. 12 in the morning and i'm not sure whether i should eat now. argh.

And.......... Let me end this short post with my vain pic!! Cut my own fringe!! *proud* lolol
didn't intend to cut it this short initially. but the 1st time was a disaster so i have to cut it twice T_T


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