Sunday, May 20, 2012

Study break

So exam is driving me crazy that i can almost say that i live in the library. Sometimes i get so much demotivated i don't feel like touching at all. 😱

Imagine five months (almost) of living in and out of the library day and night with only occasional break! 😭 and times like these i wonder why did i even think of doing this course. But i think i will choose the same thing again even if i am given the chance to choose all over again challengeaccepted.jpg

On the brighter side, i am going home for a short break in three days' time! Omgomgomg😱😱😱 seriously cant wait. All the love all the food all the companies all the goodness 😂

Meanwhile in the library, interesting things do happen occasionally.

Comfort food on a stressful day

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Sneaking take out into the library lol

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