Monday, April 30, 2012

428 Bersih & Exams

So 28/04/2012 marks the third gathering of Malaysians who care for the nation. Last year, I regretted not joining the rally and this year, I can't go. Yea, if I'm determined enough maybe i can join the gathering in London but no,  I have exams T_T. SO I thought the best I could do is to wear yellow? 

#bersih 3.0

Meanwhile, life has been tough, sleeping at wee hours in the morning and waking up literally after noon? 

And my table is in a chaotic mess. Love it though cause it has never been this "studious" hahaha

Er... IF you notice a pair of scissors.... Here's the story: I love to play with my hair ALL the time =X 
So when I play with my hair, I look for split ends AND I can't tolerate them, hence the pair of scissors beside me 24/7 so I can snip off those split ends. nyeheheh

Random: Saw this highlighter today and I think it's quite cool. haha.. So I took the picture in the midst of revision =P

WHO is The Boss?

23 days till my flight home and I can't wait for all these to be over already!!!!! HOME!!! Y U NO COME NEARER!!!! 

Ok, heading back to my revision (as if) haha. bye!

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