Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sweetness overdose

So I've been eating lots of junk lately. T_T
And I wondered why did I even eat all these junk when in Malaysia I don't even like them that much.
ANSWER is: Because this freaking place has no nice food and so I'm only left with all these junks that I don't even favour that much!

Part of the junks I ate:

Usually I don't really eat M&M's or even Cadbury. 

Probably one of my favourite among all the junks

Kinder IS LOVE. Not that much of a Kit Kat person now

Not A single pack from this pile is left now. Explains the fats that pile on me T_T

Easily available everywhere, who's gonna have proper meal?

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ice-Cream

Mostest Favouritest Nutella!

And I realized that among all these, those that i like the most would be Nutella, Kinder and BnJ, HD, Magnum. THAT's IT. Vow to self: Not gonna eat anything that's not even something I really like!

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