Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Me, Myself and I

Was driving home alone after my convocation,

 and it reminds me of how far I’ve walked in life. (not really far actually lol)

And I never  really introduce myself in my blog, so I was thinking maybe I should do a very brief introduction. =)

can't wait to give me a hug. lol. that's my beloved parents. ♥ 

dad ♥ I lubiu 

I’ve just finish my undergraduate studies in UTAR, got myself a degree in Bachelor of Science (Hons) Actuarial Science (trust me, it involves lotsa maths BUT not only bout maths!) and planning to go overseas for my masters.  So, right now, just call me unemployed! hehe

 Sibu Kampua

I’m a Sarawakian, Sibu people to be specific. No, I’m not a pure Foochow. Dad’s hokkien and Mum’s Foochow.

 Sibu Kompia

 View of Sibu town from the tallest building in Sibu (27floors)
 my secondary school, SMK Methodist.  I can find only one little pathetic pic from the web. >.<

and my primary school! (from google search too)

It seems like it's been really far after erm.. some 19 years of education but I felt as if life has just begun, where responsibilities become heavier and life becomes more complicated. AND list goes on.. 

I love FOOD. And pink stuff.  If you can’t tell from my blog \-.-/ . and Hello Kitty, yes! Hello Kitty! Just because… it’s always associated with pink? And has a ribbon? And mahjong =P

I want a pink hello kitty mahjong!!!! >.<
that's little bout me! kthxbye.

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