Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Beginning, Moo Cow

Hi! 1st blog post and it's going to be about Moo Cow (because the inspiration starts here! heh). And this blog is most probably going to be all about food, food and more food! oh, and perhaps some random interesting events. Doubt that I will have the "determination" to always blog, but let's just see. hehe

Introducing Moo Cow @ Hartamas Shopping Centre. Well, its a trend for us to go for frozen yogurt after a meal, lazy to tell why.

cute theme!!

the toppings available to choose from

er.. read yourself

What's with the halo?

apparently, not for sale O.o

t-shirt selling for RM10 + a cup of froyo. or 10 stamps

menu! cheaper than Froyo Deli and definitely much cheaper Tutti Fruitti

our froyos! 3 ori and 1 mango

cranberry and er.. xxx jam toppings

raisins and mango (mango flavor froyo)

mango topping

and mine! almond bits <3

love the prints too <3

hollow. but its not that bad. other places had bigger holes.

one member of the froyo gang, say hi to MUZZIE!

I actually think this pose is "cute" LOL

So i imitated but PHAILED -.-

Mickey loves it too!

Just started

after several minutes. someone's gonna finish soon!

everyone had finished. except me.

four stamps for me!
I claimed theirs =X

bye! will definitely come again. comparatively cheaper (bigger portion) and nice too!

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