Friday, March 25, 2011

La Yosh Japanese Western Restaurant

So finally! I am back on my blog! >.<>

Please say hi to my mirror image ;)

Came across this quaint little restaurant @Plaza Damas before our (the froyo gang) first trip to Moo Cow, it was a random pick since we're already there.

La Yosh Japanese Western as it suggests. I really like the "English" design of the restaurant, very cosy.

the menu, in Japanese and English. They have other menus which is for lunch sets and "student" sets if i'm not mistaken ( it was long ago! actually only 2 weeks lol). Student set comes with the drink and...

the Lunch set i ordered comes with salad, coffee/tea, soup and the main course.

;) matching table cloth and skirt lol

dim lightings and table lamp on each table

see the shelf!! so English kan! hehe

empty table in front of our table.

cream soup

side dish - smoked salmon (RM10.90 or RM12.90) I forGOT! >,<

teriyaki chicken (~RM15)

chicken chop pasta (~ rm15 per set )

japanese curry with rice(~ rm18 per set)

er........... I donno what it is called. Western style punya Nasi pataya i call it. lol (~rm20 per set)

very good ok!! so hungry already!! =/

and the coffee that came with the set.

The prices are based on my very poooor memory. So.. don't take in seriously. hihi. Overall it was not bad. but not superb though.

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