Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being Lazy

So over the winter holiday, I've been to quite a few places. But I haven't sort ANY pictures yet. I guess when you have more time (holiday) you tend to get more lazy than normal days. I've been sleeping half a day off and waking up when the sky is almost dark. Not seeing much of sun =.=

And if you realized, I've been posting blurry pictures. hehehe. Because it's so much easier to upload pictures from the ipad rather than transferring tons of pictures and then sort them out then only upload. But the quality of pictures sucks, which can be a good thing cause you can't see my flaws! HAHAHA

Yesterday I finally decided to be more discipline, you know, when the year is still new people will be all semangat for a while. lol.

SO I went jogging at 7a.m! Can't even recall the last time I woke up this early. Went jogging. Best part is I'm so refreshed now and the weather is not that cold for a jog! =) Ok, so I've decided to sleep earlier from now on, earlier meaning before 12 and wake up at 7 for a jog or if I don't I'll still wake up earlier. And I did a good job, sleeping at 11+ last night. Cannot imagine myself sleeping so early. haha

taken during my recent trip to london (if you haven't notice the London Eye behind lol). I know I gained weight. Maybe you cant see from this picture. Just don't tell me I look fine. Bitch please.jpg.

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