Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year 2012


All the best in 2012 people! Writing this post to record my resolutions for 2012. 

1. To complete my MSc in Applied Actuarial Science, I don't aim to get all the exemptions, just let me pass please. 

2. To cry less. I know right, it's first week and I've failed so bad already. I don't know why I have been crying so much ever since I come to UK. I really miss home, family and friends, always feel that they're so far and I'd be so much happier if i'm back home especially with *you*.

3. Greece and Amsterdam, and hopefully Lake District. 

4. Get a job, which I don't wish to >.< Visa ends 2013. I should travel all around Europe and UK before my Visa ends right. 

5. D.I.E.T. slim down back to 45kgs and below and NEVER gain above 45kg! 

6. Read all 7books of Harry Potter. *huge fan now*

7. Plan more. Procrastinate less. ( I know I'm not gonna achieve this. T_T )

8. Learn how to bake! and make macaroons! *fingers crossed*

Ok, I guess that's all for now. =D Rushing to watch the last 2 episodes of Harry Potter before going to the Harry Potter shop in London on Monday! Love! 

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