Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Happy Dragon Year!! =D  I think this is the 1st year i'm spending CNY without my family. It can be quite depressing, makes me miss home soooo much. Didn't do much on CNY, just made some sushi and hangout with chinese friends. And dinner with classmates on the 1st day of CNY. that's it! not a single ang pow was received this CNY T______T

And on the 3rd day of CNY there's a celebration in the UKC's Gulbenkian Cafe. CHEAT ONE. cause the "free buffet" was just some fried spring rolls and frozen fried food. NOT nice. and it wasn't enough for even half the crowd. I didn't manage to get any but i managed to "steal" some from friends who managed to get it. Ended up coming back home for dinner. There was a lion dance which i was really looking forward to but yea, there was lion, without the dance and the drums =________= CHEAT ONE x 2

The only consolation was this. Fortune cookie. It's my 1st time eating fortune cookies. It was just normal, i'm not sure whether this is the tradition - cookie with a message inside. but my Chinese friends told me they don't have these in China. and i don't remember seeing this in Malaysia either. O.O

Oh hai! this is me in the super packed cafe. I think there're more angmohs that Chinese
Ok, END OF CNY. NOT interesting AT ALL. =.=

below are just some random food i made 

Learnt this from Italianese back home. I used tiger bread. The dip was just olive oil, vinegar and oregano. Turned out that the oregano was not strong enough. No oregano taste =(

Baked the 1st cake of my life all by myself yesterday =)
It was good. *proud* 
oh. it was a banana cake. 

Some new fish and chip shop, and the fish was so huge i can barely finish >.<
so i ended up not eating the chips. it wasn't nice =X

My makeup on CNY eve. Put on make up because I will if i'm back home. so i thought i should do it here as well.

Ending this post with a picture of me and the big ben. taken the last trip i went to London. 

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