Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Counting down to 2012

NYE wasn't particularly interesting because we can't get a room in London =.=
So we decided just to stay in Canterbury.
And EAT , and GET FAT
talk bout new year resolutions. 

oh well.. these were our dishes. they were 9 of us. We had dinner and some games
After that was just some chatting and chilling and counting down to flatmate's AH BAO's birthday =)

Our Dinner. Fish. Pork. Chicken. Lamb. Prawns. Vege. 
There're actually more but the table can't fit anymore. 

Camwhored with some of them while waiting for the dinner since I obviously can't help much =X

With Xin yi

Lekhi, Xin Yi, birthday boy AH BAO 

Lekhi, Lulu, Ah Bao

Me, and Panitra (thai) 

Me =) with Lekhi's hat

Ending the post with a picture of birthday boy and I. 
Caused I'm not self-centered like that. hahahahaha
Happy Birhtday, New Year Baby Boy! 

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