Friday, May 27, 2011

for beauty's sake

Okay, so this random thought has been haunting me for few days already. Or maybe every now and then. So, have you ever thought of things a girl would do for beauty's sake? or the extent of pain/ inconvenience/ whatsoever that's relevant?

Firstly, the pain to endure when undergoing plastic surgery or during recovery. I've always imagine how much pain would a person have to go through and the thought of it already chickened me out. I really admire or maybe envy those girls who have the guts, not that I want a surgery yet, but I really cannot imagine having to alter any parts of my body PERMANENTLY. Another reason was because I always think that whatever I have, it's God gift so I should treasure them.

Not ONLY that, sometimes, girls who went for surgery are already quite pretty. Maybe beauty is an addiction too. They feel they're not pretty enough? want to be perfect? seriously, I don't know. Someone please tell me!! Say, what if you don't like the outcome? what if it fails? and your face become so fragile you have to be careful AT ALL TIMES. How do you deal with it? Is beauty really that important for you to sacrifice so much? THAT IMPORTANT??!?!?

Another thing I suppose, would be make up. The longest time I had fake lashes on was for almost a day, like late morning till night, and towards the night, ALL I wanted to do was to rush home and clean everything off my face. My skin need to breathe. It's suffocating!! Maybe it was just me who doesn't have the determination. Some girls can have fake lashes on every. single. day. I am again another jealous bitch who cannot understand how someone can be putting on fake lashes so diligently every. single. day.

Or maybe make up really do wonders, and you become addicted to your make up-ed look you cannot go out without it? At this point, I am starting to think that I am really some lazy sour girl who is not as hardworking, and writing this now because I am just jealous of petty and disciplined hardworking girls. LOL

AND I ALSO CANNOT TAHAN HOW SOME GIRLS CAN BE SO SLIM!!! OMG! because I cannot say NO to nice foods. guess that's the only reason why. =( I've heard of someone who hasn't eat rice for years just because she wants to keep "fit". NO rice? Chinese not eating rice? like Westerners not having potatoes? How? And I conclude that I am really not a determine person. That's all. bye.

And if you've read from the beginning until now, thanks for listening to a random rambling? of a confused, sour, not hardworking, not so determined girl. tenkiuwaylimuch.

P/S: wah. I didn't know I can talk so much cock. Just yesterday I was finding it super hard to write a 1000 words essay. O_O

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