Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Of durians and mahjong

Life's been busy, probably won't be updating as often these few weeks.
But here're some random stuff  happening in my life which includes,
DURIANS and MAHJONG! both also my ultimate love!

One of the gathering with church friends 

We all went to Downtown for a drink

till  late in the night because we have so much to share >.<

 black forest cake baked by a church friend

 and Durians!!! Musang King and Durian Super

tastes SUPERBLY GOOD. kid you not. bet you've never heard bout it before. 
it my 1st time trying too and I'm lovin' it!


 trying our luck on the last "insert whatever you call"

 and found a small one =(

 I shall eat less durian from now on
because "someone" said my face's getting rounder. 
I know... seriously.. =(

 then it's mahjong time!

 life's too good when you can play mahjong after durians

 "good luck"
while the guys were playing i have nothing better to do but to take "artsy fartsy" pics LOLLL


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  1. so evil that 'someone'. no manner at all. where can tell girls things like that. tsk tsk...