Monday, May 2, 2011

Sibu's Food

I've tons of pictures to blog actually, but I am just lazy to blog don't know where to start so I thought I should start with food I love in Sibu/Kcuhing because I am very full now, just finished buffet dinner SO I reckon that I won't get hungry after looking at all pictures of FOOD.

but 1st and foremost, I must show my new hair 1st! lol
Straightened and coloured my hair, wanted to perm it at 1st but so many people warned me not to (say very hard to jaga -.-) I scared I regret so I succumbed to their "threats" -____-
the 1st time I permed, it lasted for merely 1 month plus because mum didn't like it, brought me to the hair dresser and asked him to chop it off and I agreed because I looked old. 

 Just done. colour not so obvious though. super flat I don't like

under the sun it's more obvious, I donno why in this picture the colour looks uneven O.O

Ok, time for FOOD.
Let's start with Kuching.

 this is kueh chap. where they cook kueh tiao with whatever you can find in a pig (eg: intestines, pig's tail, liver, skin... I donno what more is there) with egg and tofu pok.

 Drink I  ALWAYS order when I'm in Kuching. By ALWAYS, I mean 95% of the time. =D
Fresh Aloe Vera drink. I super 

 the flesh. 
guess the left one's without colouring

There's this coffee shop we all Super Mega Ultra ♥ , always had our breakfast there because they have:

 in foochow, zhaocai hoon ngan. It's a bit sour. SUPER GOOD ok.

 and super tasty porridge, 

 and super nice pork liver soup. from the kampua mee stall.
and the kampua mee is good too!!

 also the same coffee shop, they have roasted pork, the skin so crispy i-cannot-describe. 
my pictures might not show the goodness of them, but based on the times of SUPER I used, you should be able to imagine or at least feel me. lol

 then dad told me the coffee shop is A grade one.
you seldom find A grade coffee shop in Malaysia one ok. heh

 Purposely take this picture because for so many times I dined in there, I donno the name yet.
@ Pedada
-End of foods from this coffee shop-

 Teh C Special or Three Layer Tea
This is the drink I ordered 60% of the time when I go coffee shops in Sibu
compared to the 95% aloe vera drink, the 35% cut down was because brother told me this Teh C special very fat. 
I got "threatened" again. so reduced to only 60%. -__-

 Now, Taman Selera Muhibah in Sibu with my half eaten kompia and 水果冰。
I go there to eat, Kompia / Iced Mixed Fruit (水果冰) / Kampua only.

 Kompia made by Dad's friend. roasted and a bit spicy, crispy too! awesome!

Other nice foods include:

 Sarawak Laksa

 bian nvk ( in foochow), meat dumpling

 kampua. ahhhhhhhhhhh 
basically can get these three anywhere in Sibu
My favourites are: Farley foodcourt's / Muhibah's Siong Kee's Kampua/ bian nvk
Aloha Sarawak Laksa 

and not to forget Foochow kuih
leh phiang (in foochow)

 sweet and filled with goodness of sesame seeds 
apparently, very fattening >.<
and I ate A LOT. T_T

 comes with many sizes

AND...... comes foods of love,
from momma and poppa!

 supper by daddie. with not so cooked egg. MAD love! 

 dessert by mummie: groundnut soup

 kampua and milo 
(dad makes milo for us every morning) 
super pampered or what? =D

I love fried meee. daddie purposely bought this just for me!! 
mega love. goes so well with Lingham's chili sauce

 siu mai bought from favourite stall

dad's 爱心half boiled egg and milo. 
So contented with life I can die NAW! lolollllol

The conclusion is, I made a very wrong decision writing this blog post because I am hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy alreadyyyyyy

I shall not eat but sleep! nite! T^T

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