Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mummie's Birthday Lunch

Every time I update my blog, I *gasped* at how time flies. Days just passed by and I realized it's been quite a few days since I last blogged but it feels like I haven't been doing much. 

Anyway, dad's friend gave us these crabs one of the days and we decided to bring it to the restaurant and asked them to cook for us for mummie's birthday lunch. 

 but there's this particular naughty crab, knowing that he's in danger decided to ESCAPE!!! I was on my laptop stalking people on facebook, checking some emails when I spotted this naughty crab crawling out from the kitchen and I SCREAMEEEEEEEEDDDDD. lol

brother who was sitting in front of me came to the rescue!  

 O yea! *hiak hiak hiak* it's claws were tied up so it was really easy to catch.

On our way to book the table for lunch, I found this hat in the car and decided to camwhore with it. 
grandma's in the background! =D

 then I asked her to take a picture with me. <3 her smile. =)
she was curious and asked why am I taking photos with my phone. lololol

Birthday Lunch time! So here're some dishes we had.

 some sweet sour fish, also given by daddie's friend

 and those crabs!! including the naughty one. hehe

 love! do you call this petola (in BM) ?

 pork rib. 

 cangkuk manis!!!! love maximus!
 and some other dishes which I didn't take any picture cause I was too busy eating!

 finally, strawberry cheese cake for us! one candle because mummie REFUSED to let people know her age 

mumie and daddie after cutting the cake

 maternal grandpa and grandma
what were they looking at??

 sis and soon-to-be bro-in-law helping with the cake

 me! full happy and contented after the meal =DDD

shall end this with a picture of me with mummie and daddie
I lubiu!! <3 <3 <3 

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