Thursday, May 19, 2011

La Yosh Revisit and Moo Cow!

So the froyo gang was craving for froyo one day and decided that we should have lunch  together before we go for our fav froyo!

and then... we went to La Yosh again. 
(have been wanting to try out their squid ink pasta since the 1st visit
so when JJ suggested that we go La Yosh I straight away say ok! haha

 love their designs, it wasn't the first time but I still love ( hence, more pictures ) how they design this cozy little place 

 spotted this pair of colorful cute! shoes and sneakily snapped a pic! LOL

 key given to us

 upon checking-in ? 

 notice how this little lamb lamp makes the whole ambiance so nice and cozy ?

 and the decorations too!

 well, I ordered the set meal again. comes with salad soup and coffee/tea.

JJ ordered student set which comes with coffee/tea

and his donburi (RM10)

 my squid ink pasta!!!! =D (RM26.50 per set) 
it wasn't superb (a bit like fried mee) but now when I'm typing this, I feel like eating it again. so I think it's actually quite good. lol

 finished!!  *makes me so hungry already =( *

and there! my inked lips! before I wiped and after

Muzzie's "western punya nasi pataya". (RM26.50 per set)
 Just like what I ordered the 1st time but mine was cream

HAHAHA! all because I couldn't remember the price the 1st time!!!!

After lunch we proceeded to Moo Cow!!!! 

 ohai! we're here again

april's menu

as usual, me and JJ opted for the original flavour and muzzie tried the gula melaka one

 one more stamp till I got the T'shirt! 
*Can I have discount everytime I visit MooCow wearing the Tshirt?* >.<

yay!!!!! happy froyo gang @ Moo Cow. i <3 this pic.


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