Thursday, April 7, 2011

My convocation

Almost 3 in the morning now and I am not sleeping yet!! because I don't plan to sleep. 7am flight back to Sarawak, leaving house at 4.30am but I HAVEN'T pack yet!! I don't know! I HATE packing T_T would rather blog. 

So I gather some selected photos from various cameras and here it is:

 Wisma MCA 

got feel?? I got. hehe

Charlotte; favourite photo of us <3
I like how it macam focused on us. maybe because can't see any other face.

Sam; I look weird here @.@

Ung hau, we call each other xiao hua: he calls me 校花, and i call him 笑话。 because he jokes a lot and always brighten my days during boring lessons =)

YY, Avan, Me, Charlotte, Miss Khow
Avan, Me, Charlotte and Adrian ( missing here cause he went OZ for masters liao) used to be called A21-1 because we stay under the same roof in unit A21-1! I miss those days >.<

YY aka Gabriel, former lecturer; taught me 2 subjects and we're friends! because he's young like us!

ALL time MJ kaki's!! It's always us when it comes to MJ time.
MJ: Mahjong! 

then I saw the guest of honour coming from afar going to his car, I buay paiseh-ly went up to him and asked for a picture and we shook hand and people started to join and hence the group picture below

and we posed for maybe a minute while shaking hands. lol

the guys! Gabriel Ryan, Avan, JJ, Gabriel Lim YY
I like this picture!!! they look so happy here! =D

I don't know how to picture come about and I can't remember what did he say to me. 
But someone created the conversation to be
Him: can help me hold ah? I wanna tie my shoe lace. 
LOL. I like!

the every-convo-also-got-one picture
after this all our mortar boards got mixed up
but we're gonna return it anyway so it's ok


ahhh... Finally.... 3 years of uni life. I'm starting to miss it already. >.<

Ok, I need to freaking PACK now! 

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