Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Herbal eggs

So, this is my 1st time making  herbal eggs. 

all you need is 8-15 eggs per packet of herbs (you can get from any supermarket), hard boiled them.

crack the egg shells

Sugar, dark soya sauce and pre-packed herbs is all you I need! because I can't find light soya sauce. so I used lotsa dark soya sauce and no salt. and since dark soya sauce is already sweet, I used less sugar.

they have 2 bags in a packet. 

boil the herbs 1st and then add Soya sauce, and sugar.. I used round 200ml of dark soya sauce and 180grams of sugar (that's a lot!) if you want your eggs to be saltier, you can actually add 1-2 teaspoons of salt. 

then add the cracked hard-boiled eggs into the pot. Boiled for 2 hours. and...

Easy PEAsy. 

Left it overnight and your eggs will taste sooooo gooood. Evey single part of the eggs will be "herbalized". lol

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