Sunday, April 17, 2011

416 Sarawak Election photos

So the Sarawak Election is finally over! 
Oppositions have got to work harder! but DAP did a really good job!

here are some of my favorite photos from the election
some were so sarcastic, i like! =D
mainly in mandarin though.

took this on election day. rocket's gonna launch! =D

Dap's rocket being dismantled by the municipal council 

Anti Rasuah? PUIK! because you've had enough? i suppose yes.

I am with you!   --> for what?

DAP's mascot, Ubah <3

Direct translation: One heart for Sibu --> One heart for Pek Moh (white hair in hokkien) 

We really have enough of you, Taib, spend more time with your new wife and leave us alone! 

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