Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GACians BBQ Gathering

So when I have holidays I worked as a part-timer for this company called GAC (Great Adventure Consultant) where they help people organize team building and outdoor activities.

Last weekend, we had a small bbq gathering at Brandon's (aka boss) house.

On my way

To *someone* (if you're reading) : yes, I am self-centered like that! lolololol

finally reached after getting lost for a while >.<

dark already 

and greeted by these! lol

got my "mostest favouritest" fatty lamb chop! yummehhh

Brandon's baby, Desiree. BE prepared, more to come! cuteness overdose. 

1 year and 4 months old

the crowd enjoying themselves


one more. 

she's really happy playing on the slides

peek-a-boo! this is SO cute it has to be of extra large size. hehe

valerie says she's sleepy already. not even half way through -.-

some really nice red wine!! O.o

 only bbq-ed 2 lamb chops because I  am just lazy like that and the truth is it was bbqed by someone else  cannot bear with the heat.

manage to capture Brandon and family playing see-saw together!  

Hi, its me pretending to be busy bbq-ing

Desiree carrying portable fan. cute not! 

Our BIG shoe vs. small shoe =D


It was a fun night! New friends, nice foods, good life!  

Very sleepy already. will talk more next time. Goodnite!


  1. no i don't read this but i know u're self-centred bcos u're vain like that.


  2. *Chrissy likes this*

    yes, i'm vain like that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA