Friday, April 15, 2011

Sarawak for change!

If you haven't know yet, my purpose of this trip back to Sarawak is to cast my very first vote in the coming election! Tomorrow, that is.
from the title, I am quite sure you can guess who got my vote. hehe

If it's not obvious enough, here.
LO.OK at this 

Yes, WE, Sarawakians have enough of you and your nonsense, Taib.
And not to forget your corrupted cronies  

Here's a video, watch and you'll understand why.

Since it's the last night, my family and I thought we should go listen to "ceramah"
but this is what we saw 

so many cars can!

drizzling but crowd was crazy! O.o

then saw very semangat cars!

so crowded and jammed. no need me to say lah hor
you see how desperately they park the car you also know lah

this car is damn semangat ok! full of rockets. hihi

All pictures were taken while my brother is driving, moving so cannot take really good pictures
and also, I risk my life taking pictures by sticking out half of my body from the window! 
actually its because I damn kepoh wana see what's happening lol


P/S: oh! and and and hor.. they ( the richer party who used OUR money to buy votes ) also USED our money to invite Taiwanese singers and Malaysian singers to sing during their ceramah. They thought like that can attract more people to "listen" to them. 

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