Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grasshopper! ^.^

 Time flies! already 3 days at home @.@

Reached KLIA so much earlier because it was so early. not many cars on the roads yet O.o

airport so empty!

Ordered McD's Milo and camwhored before boarding! =D

Managed to sleep even before the plane took off and waking up to them announcing that plane's gonna land.

Slept basically the whole day on the 1st day, that's what happen when you have sleepless night. -.-Zz

Second day, I woke up to this :

7 workers working in the garden. Digging a big hole for fish pond!
and some landscaping work is going on too.
Brother said they're gonna take 5 days to finish everything. *hopefully*
yay! I can haz karerfool pish!

Had home cooked dinner tonight!! *slurps*

 my eldest brother showed me this after dinner!!!!!!

this is not the 1st time though. he had caught other creepier insects >.<
and sometimes feed them for few days before letting go.

manage to take a picture. 


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